A trigger is an instantaneous event that your device can detect to make a macro run. A macro must have at least one trigger to be valid.

For a trigger to fire, the macro must be available (i.e. ready to run, not disabled) at the exact time the event occurs. Otherwise, it is generally possible to check the state of a component or event (such as Battery level, Notification content, WiFi connection...) testing appropriate Magic Text value.

It is possible to add multiple triggers to a single macro and in this case any single trigger firing will cause the macro to be invoked. It is not possible to combine triggers with AND logic because in MacroDroid a trigger is an instantaneous event, so it is not possible (or highly improbable) to get a state where two instantaneous events happen at exactly the same time.

As an alternative to combining triggers with an AND statement it is generally possible to add constraint logic to individual triggers such that they can be limited to run when only some other state is also true.

List of Triggers

Activity Recognition

Airplane mode changed

Android Wear

App Install/Remove/Update

Application Launched/Closed

Auto Rotate changed

Autosync changed

Battery Level

Battery Saver State

Battery Temperature

Bluetooth Beacon (experimental)

Bluetooth Event

Calendar Event

Call Active

Call Ended

Call Incoming

Call Missed

Call Outgoing

Cell Tower Change

Clipboard Change

Dark Theme Change

Data Connectivity Change

Day of Week/Month

Day/Time Trigger

Daydream On/Off

Device Boot

Device Docked/Undocked

Dial Phone Number

Empty Trigger

Failed Login Attempt

Fingerprint Gesture

Flip Device

Floating Button

Geofence Trigger

GPS Enabled/Disabled

Headphones Insert/Removed

Home Button Long Press

Hotspot Enabled/Disabled

Intent Received

IP address Change

Light Sensor

Location Trigger

Logcat Message

MacroDroid Drawer Open/Close

MacroDroid Initialised

MacroDroid Mode Change

MacroDroid Variable Change

Media Button Pressed

Media Button V2 Beta

Mobile Service Status

Music/Sound playing



Notification Bar Button

Power Button Toggle|Power Button Toggle|Power Button Toggle

Power Connected/Disconnected

Priority Mode/Do Not Disturb

Proximity Sensor

Quick Settings tile

Recent Apps Opened

Regular Interval

Roaming Started/Stopped

Screen On/Off

Screen Orientation

Screen Unlocked

Shake Device

Trigger: Shortcut Launched

Silent Mode Enabled/Disabled

Sim Card Change


SMS Received

SMS Sent



Swipe Screen

Tasker/Locale Plugin

USB Device Connect/Disconnect

Volume Button Long Press

Volume Button Press

VPN State


Webhook (URL)

Widget Button

Wifi SSID Transition

Wifi State Change