In the troubleshooting section (available via the drawer menu on the home screen) you will find information on how to fix common issues.

MacroDroid will attempt to identify any obvious problems with your configuration, such as missing permissions, then notify you to address.

In addition, there is a page of common issues that are known to occur and some suggested remedies to help solve them.

On some devices, the operating system will kill MacroDroid when running in the background. If this occurs, make sure that MacroDroid is excluded from any battery saving measures on your device. You can do this via the MacroDroid settings page. If you still have issues, you should visit, locate your device brand and follow the on-screen instructions. This page contains a list of additional settings by device that you may need to configure to ensure the app stays running.

If links to macros fail: 1) Ensure that you open the links on a device that has MacroDroid installed. 2) Allow your browser to launch external apps (sometimes found in the browser's accessibility settings). 3) You can use the MacroDroid Forum tile on the home screen of MacroDroid, which should automatically handle the links. 4) Alternatively, you can open the MacroDroid store an search for id=xxxx where xxxx is the ID of the macro, found at the end of the link