The system log contains a detailed history of what has happened within MacroDroid. It is an essential tool to help debug any problems with your macros and to understand when your macros are firing.

There are four levels of debugging.
Detailed A very detailed log of everything that has happened within MacroDroid. Useful when debugging problems to get as much information as possibe.
Standard This is the default level and contains enough information to keep track of what is happening.
Warning This will show only warnings or errors that have occurred in the app.
Extreme This will show only error that have occurred in the app.
You can tweak the currently viewed log level via the drop down control at the top left of the system log screen.

By default all triggers, actions and constraints will be shown in the log but these can be enabled/disabled as you choose. Futhermore you can filter the log to enable/disable individual macros and global variables to help you drill down to only the information you are interested in.

Any individual macro can be disabled from logging via the edit macro page. This is useful for example if you have one macro that runs very regularly and ends up filling the log with non useful information.