MacroDroid offers a user customizable side menu called the MacroDroid Drawer. This is something that can be accessed at any time regardless of what application is currently in the foreground. You can simply swipe left or right (depending on side) within the designated swipe area to bring up the MacroDroid drawer.

In order to access the drawer a swipe area will be positioned on either the left or right edge of the device which you can then swipe across from to open the drawer. Note that this area will block standard interaction with whatever app is under that area so the swipe area can be widely customized to suit your own requirements.

Drawer Items

Within the drawer menu you can add the following items

  • App launcher - An easy quick launcher for any installed app.
  • Macro - Allows you to manually invoke any configured macro.
  • Variable - Show the current value of any global variable that you have defined.
  • Stopwatch - Show the current value of a stopwatch and allows easy to access to start and stop.
  • System Log - A snippet of the latest entries within the MacroDroid system log.
  • User Log - A snippet of the latest entries within the MacroDroid user log.
  • Text - Static text useful for headings etc.
  • Shortcut link - An easy quick launcher for any shortcut available on your device.
  • Seperator - A horizontal divider to allow sectioning off of distinct areas within the drawer.

Drawer Customization

The drawer can be customized as follows

  • Enabled state - You can turn the drawer functionality on or off.
  • Swipe area - You can set the swipe area on the left or right of your device. You can create a larger or smaller swipe area and vertical position depending on your own needs. You can make the swipe area invisible or visible as preferred and set opacity and colour to whatever is desired.
  • Auto close drawer - If enabled the drawer will auto close when openend and not interacted with.
  • Auto close timeout - Set the desired timeout for the auto close functionality.
  • Drawer text size - Allows the text within the drawer to be made smaller or larger to suit your needs.
  • Drawer background colour - Configure the background colour of the main drawer
  • Drawer header colour - Configure the colour of the drawer's header bar.

Drawer Trigger

The MacroDroid Drawer Open/Close trigger can be used to invoke a macro whenever the drawer is opened or closed.

Drawer Action

The MacroDroid Drawer action can be used to dynamically customize the MacroDroid drawer from any macro. The options offered are as follows:

  • Open
  • Close
  • Enable
  • Disable
  • Configure Swipe Area
  • Toggle

This action is ideal for customizing the drawer state depending on what app you have running. For example you can turn it on only when running a certain app and then disable it whenever that app is closed.