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I want to make Triger "when user is on the home screen" pick a launched app, don't launch it again but open the opened app.

My goal is to make find a way to make work around to have a launched on HarmonyOS.

So when use go to home screen to switch to the launcher, how I can do that, I don't see trigger "on home screen" as well i don't see action "switch" to opened app.

Please help me on that.

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You could try app launched trigger - show non-launchable apps - and try to find here your system launcher (for my samsung phone I'd pick One Ui Home.
And in actions add - launch app - whatever you want (your launcher). Note: when configuring this action you don't have to xlick any of check boxes that appears, you can simply click ok.

I am not sure how reliable this would be, but its worth giving a shot.
Are you sure that you can't pick your system launcher in phones settings? I am pretty sure I saw settings for that somwhere


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for HarmonyOS you cant change the default launcher thats why im looking for alternative via MacroDroid


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here is what I have done so far but it didn't work so well, like 50% of the time it didn't trigger anything as well nothing at the log too


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