OneSkyApp translation site is pulling it's free service.


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I've just been told From tomorrow OneSkyApp is pulling the rug from underneath me and removing crowd translations from there free version. I would happily pay a small amount for the service, but they want 100$ / month for this and that really is quite excessive.

I've been trying to find alternatives and not had much luck so far. Crowdin was the obvious alternative but I have far too many words and I will have to pay them even more per month.

If anyone else know of alternative please let me know and I will investigate. I can consider some kind of self hosted service if that is the only realistic way of not paying a fortune for this.


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Everything is just getting worse but you're still standing. Keep it up !

Concerning the alternatives I don't really have an idea but I'll try to make a bit of search. Maybe a self hosted service is the way to go - isn't the forum also self hosted ?


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I see a lot of services and apps using Hosted Weblate, but can't say if it's really the best option for you. There's also Transifex, but the prices doesn't seem to be much appealing.
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@FrameXX I've also been looking at Weblate. When I have a chance I will try and put it on an old machine I have here and see if I can host it locally. I have a very fast and reliable connection at home, so this should be good enough to host such a service.