Multilingual TTS. or how to let the TTS engine to choose the voice to read with


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I usually receive messages or notifications in several languages.
My goal is to get each message to be read in its own language. I also want to create a macro that reads the artist and the song to play when I listen to music in the car (and I listen to music from different countries and in different languages)
For this I have several voices installed (english, french, spanish...). I also have Multilingual TTS, a text-to-speech engine that is able to identify the language and choose the corresponding voice.
I have tested it with a text reader, Talk Free, and it works great. 4 paragraphs, each written in a different language, that Multilingual identifies and reads with the corresponding voice.
But this does not work with Macrodroid. To test it, I have created a macro with a variable defined with this paragraphs but all of them are read with the voice chosen in the macro (mandatory choice). Then you find yourself with a paragraph written in English read by a voice in Spanish, it sounds weird as the pronunciation is not correct
If it's possible, how can I get Macrodrod to allow multilingual TTS to choose the voice to read with?
Thank you for your time.


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I have just tested MacroDroid with multilingual TTS and it seems to work fine. Just make sure you have configured MacroDroid to use the multilingual TTS engine (You can access this in the settings or via the speak text configuration dialog)


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Today I have noticed that Macrodroid had stopped reading the notifications so I have done the best and easiest solution: turn the smartphone off/on.
And the magic has hapened. Now everything works as it should: notifications and TTS.
Thank you.