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[PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE POST. I know it seems a bit big, but it's for better understanding of my idea, and this would be very useful for a lot of people without being too complicated at the same time]

Hello, i have a suggestion for all the time you have the option to "execute a macro", for example with the notification buttons.

My idea is that basically, you could choose a macro to execute, and then it will prompt you again for choosing wich trigger you want to activate inside this macro.

For example i have a macro named "A" wich look like the images (btw sorry if it looks bad, i had to use Google lens to translate everything fast and not spend 3 hours on using a photo editor) and in the first notification Button, I could select to execute "This macro" and execute the first "Empty trigger".
So whenever i execute the macro and press the first button on the notification, it would execute this macro again and simulate that it was the first "empty trigger" that launched the macro, so it would display a floating message saying "option 1".
Same for the rest of the triggers, and the trigger selection list will be of course organized in the same order as the order of the triggers of the selected macro. So here, i selected "This macro" and the trigger select list would appear like this :

Empty trigger
Empty trigger
All stations

The [None] option would basically launch the macro without executing any trigger, like when you use the "Test macro" option.

So this new menu would be [None] by default and it would appear each time there is a "execute a macro" function in a macro action. It would concern like the notification action for example, or just the basic "execute a macro" action.

I hope my idea was explained correctly because it could be a big changing of MacroDroid and allow a lot more things.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day !


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