adb hack / blue rectangle accessibility


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I have applied the adb hack for the helper.
Since, I have issue with some blue rectangles moving around my screen. (I think it is when I start screen when i push the power button)
I think it due acccessibility talkback function, but it is disable. or phone asks me to assign some commut button function which I don't know how to use theses functionnalities.
Do you know how to disable this issue?
Many thanks.. in advance.


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It seems like this doesn't come from MacroDroid, it is unable to make such shapes. Must be coming from Android/another app

Your phone looks like it comes from Samsung, I searched for 'blue rectangle on screen Android' and found this :

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I have reboot the phone . TALKBACK WAS ON, (despite it was off before reboot). was diffucult to remove it but. Done. Seems to come from ther e and interaction settings.
Seems to be stabilized now..