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  • Unreachable text.
    It may not work depending on your device's resolution (1080, 1920 for me).
    (bug reported)


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    It looks like a new auto translate feature for the template store is planned, as phrases talking about that just got added to Onesky app.

    Auto translate temmplate store..PNG
    Which means...
    New bugs to find !
    I don't really understand why this restriction is here... like it's not even bad, it functions normally... Can @MacroDroidDev explain why the restriction exists ? (I did this by editing the macro in a text editor)
    Someone just stole my phone and Ipad... The Ipad that my school gave me... All of the rest is okay, but I can't geolocate my phone using MacroDroid or anything else so I told my operator to stop the SIM from connecting. They probably reset the phone but if they connect it to Internet without resetting it then I will be able to use Webhook. Also, my phone restarts every day at 7:00 AM but my alarm starts at 7:02 AM...
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    To update, it looks like my phone has been reset, but I believe they can't really do anything to the tablet as it is severely restricted.I ordered a new SIM. A least they didn't took the keys of my home that were also there.
    Jacob L
    Jacob L
    Have you reported the theft to the police, your carrier and Immobilise website: https://www.immobilise.com. Google find my phone could help and check in online lost and found groups
    I don’t have find my phone, so it’s useless. I’m reporting the theft but at one point I waited 40 minutes for nothing and decided to go home instead of waiting another 1h 15 because I had other things to do.
    It's not an important feature so I'm not posting in feature request but it would be great to be able to modify a popup's content while floating. I saw other apps do it, like sand:box.
    موندم چطوری کسب درامدکنم
    Found a bug ! Concerns split to array option in text manipulation where if you set to split to a global array, then create a local array and trying to switch to split to this local array it would not let you.
    (MacroDroid 5.26.4 Pro)
    I'm making a bug report👍

    Edit : it works properly in 5.26.7 but I found something else... Unfortunately there is a 420 character limit, so I can't put it here...
    I just updated Macrodroid to 5.26.7 and it works properly ..? It still says the global array name in the macro editing screen but... But I found something else 😂 I don't really know why, but I simply can't change the array name... Also if I want to create a local var that has the same name as the global one, let's say "array" it works fine ; but after I delete the local one, create a new global array
    that is not named "array" then try to rename it to "array" it doesn't let me... Which part is the bug here 😅
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