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"Individual macros with unwanted content can be blocked the 'Block Macro' option the via the menu available on any expanded macro."

"Content from individual users may be blocked via the 'Block User' option the via the menu available on any expanded macro."
Wait does that mean I won't be allowed to crash the template store ? Oh right they will not be able to do anything, because, well, they will crash 😄
Ao conectar, por Bluetooth, um determinado teclado, eu gostaria de mudar o método de entrada, do Samsung keyboard para external keboard. Fiz a macro. O sistema reconhece a conexão, abre a tela do método de entrada, mas a fecha em seguida, ou seja,não consigo mudar..que devo fazer para a tela aguarda meu comando?
The fact that I could make a macro that crashes anyone trying to access the template store is... satisfying.
I wonder what would my English teacher think if she saw all my messages and other stuff on this forum.
I think Jamie is going to teleport to my house when he sees I have created an empty bug report for "testing purposes" 😓
Anyone has any advice on how I can avoid my phone getting destroyed by him during my sleep ?
The feature described in this image is exactly what I need. I never requested it. But it's planned. Now I can make a macro editor ! It will allow for much possibilities.
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Macro editor inside MacroDroid?
Yes, allow for modifications that aren't possible directly in MD's macro editor for both advanced and less advanced users.