Wiki Login Confusion

I look at and I'm logged in.

I click on the Wiki. Figure I'll edit what I read as helpfully as I know how.

I find I'm not logged into the Wiki so figure I'll do that first, even though it's optional. Chrome populates the Wiki login page with my username and saved password. It doesn't work.

I click around to see my options and soon try the Login Help button. It takes me to where I create an account. I return to the Wiki login through and enter my new MediaWiki password. It doesn't work, even after I verify my e-mail address with MediaWiki.

I return to the MD Wiki login page. This time, I click Forgot Password. I enter my username and tap to submit. Far as I can tell, the promised password reset e-mail doesn't come.

On the Forgot Password page, I switch it from my username to my e-mail address and tap to submit. Still no apparent password reset e-mail.

I search these forums but I find no post about this, hence (perhaps) I'm the first to write one.

What am I missing?


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MacrodroidDev said:
I carefully control who can access the wiki because if I allow just anyone to edit it, there will no doubt be rogue users who will just go and trash things.
Oh, I see. Sorry about that. Just wish there were some indication that the login help I was clicking on wasn't going to work.

I'll read the volunteering posts and answer there if called for.


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@KeeperCake Thanks for offering to edit the wiki. Contact me at and I will ensure you have permission.

I have many experiences of rogue users trashing my translations so I have little choice but to disallow general editing as I know I will constantly be policing the few idiots who try to destroy everything they touch.