Wear OS app: Macro List


New member
One functionality that clearly needs to be improved upon in the Wear Os app is that when scrolling through the list of macros on the watch it is almost impossible not to inadvertently trigger some of the macros when touching the screen which is from a usability standpoint quite annoying and it would be fair to say it does not function well.

I think one idea to easily remedy this issue would be to ONLY make the icon of the macro clickable and not the label of the macro. This way it is very easy to avoid unintended triggers while scrolling and the usability would be improved tremendously.

Alternatively the macro label text size could be decreased and the icon moved a little to the right so that there is a wider margin of empty space on the left for scrolling without accidentally triggering any of the macros.

I think the Macrodroid Wear Os app is a great time saver and nifty tool for any smartwatch.