Shipt Shopper app Refresher


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Hi. I made a macro that will automatically refresh the Open Metro section in the Shipt Shopper app.

Usually I'll get a notification of available offers nearby, but there have been very few the past month. So I've been checking the Open Metro. To see the offers the page needs to be refreshed manually, either by tapping a button on screen or swiping down from the top.

An offer in Open Metro can become available to claim at any moment, which required my to swipe the screen all the time . So I made this. Now I can set the phone on the table and glance at it every so often.

i call it....
'The Shipt Shopper refresher app'
'No Mo Fomo in the Metro Zone'

I've included comments to help understand.... I hope.

After configuring, on first run you'll need to DL few files to help it along as well as allow certain permissions.



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