SharpTools Thing State Trigger


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I have a TV setup on my Smartthings account and I'm using SharpTools to have it communicate with MacroDroid. I have backlights on my TV which I turn on with the TV, but only after sunset. I was using IFTTT to get the TV ON trigger then use Webhooks to send the command to MacroDroid to check the time, but IFTTT has recently released their pro+ plan which is the only one that allows more than 1 account connected, and I refuse to pay for that.
How do I configure the Sharptools to trigger a MD macro when my TV comes on? I've tried so many different ways to configure the Thing State Trigger and nothing seems to work. Can anyone help?


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Trigger > Applications > Tasker/Locale Plugin > SharpTools > Thing State
then specify the name of the TV