Interval time Feature Please read!


There are some actions which takes time for example:-
Let's say I have a reward website that gives me reward when I visit it for playing some 2-3 clicks only but due to ads it might take a while. The website provide this for every 12h.
Let's say I have set trigger to every 12h interval but it won't work because of the following reasons:-

Remember this we got every 12h on website to do this.

1.) First macro visit a ads website waited for 2-3 minutes and did some 2-3 clicks.

Then after 12h Trigger started again because interval set to every 12h

2.) Macro visited again but this time it won't work because website won't allow it to.
Why? Because in the first macro we see it took time of 2-3m and website allow every 12h after doing the last action.

3.) So, the next interval should be 12h+3minutes which should fix this issue and the third one is 12h+6m and so on!

Thanks please add this feature as it's very valuable.