Important announcement for 2024


Staff member
Firstly an apology that I've been a bit absent for the last couple of weeks. I've been trying to take a little time off over the Christmas period (but keeping on top of support as much as possible). Unfortunately during this period I have had some personal/family drama that has taken a fair amount of my time and been quite a distraction so I've been absent from the forum for some time. Anyway I'm back now for the new year with some exciting news for the future of MacroDroid.

I'm very happy to announce that long standing user @Josué García is joining the MacroDroid team and will be helping me out with many things that I struggle to stay on top of alone. Josue has been a great member of this forum helping other users and a great personal support to me for many years, helping me out with testing, debugging and many other things. Please welcome him to the team and I hope you will all treat him the same amazing respect and patience you have all shown me over the years!