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Hi guys
I am using macrodroid to write an AI program for my robot, this require a huge number of complex macro to execute togerther. Due to the numbers of independent macro and ofcouse huge data involved i was wondering if i could write the macro in excel, convert it to csv then import it to macrodroid... Through some kind of manipulation i succeeded in doing so and it saves me lots of time and effort.

Since i was able to figure out a way of importing from csv, I am proposing an import button to be added in macrodroid to help import macro from csv easily.. Ofcouse it's only those writing huge and complex macros that will see the understand the benefit of my proposal.



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you should post a real macro in csv - since already you have such macros - so that we can see how it can be imported
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Great idea, I support it.

Additionally, you could introduce automatic import of a macro from a file as an action after a trigger.

E.g. SMS: run macro ID.

ID - file number in the macro directory of the application.

You could also consider if some other format would be better
and simpler format, e.g. TXT.