Google Calendar Notification Description Text


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I am leveraging MacroDroid to post reminder messages in a messaging app by getting triggered by Google Calendar notifications. It seems like there isn't any 'Fill Clipboard' variable for taking the description text of the calendar event without actually, open the event and copy the text out by the macro?


I tried all these notification variables an none of them pulls the description text:
- Notification title
- Notification ticker text
- Notification sub text
- Notification text lines
- Notification big text
- Notification action names

I also tried to see if there is a setting in Google Calendar to include the Description Text in the notification, but it doesn't seem like.

Do I nee to open the notification and fill the clipboard manual from there with the text?

Thanks for helping me with this.


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Have you considered using the Calendar trigger? You can trigger in advance of the actual event if that is needed for your use case. When using the trigger you can get the following calendar details via magic text (... button)

Calendar title
Calendar detail
Calendar location
Calendar start date
Calendar start time
Calendar end time