Geographical Perimeters


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I'm working on a macro using the geographic perimeter, however I would like to limit the radius of action to maybe 5, or 10 meters, and today it is only available to at least 50 meters, could you reduce the current limit? GratefulWhatsApp Image 2022-03-28 at 09.53.02.jpeg


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You can try to overlap 2 geofences, and make the action just trigger if inside both.
But i think that too little radius may make you get some errors, such as false negatives or quick in/offs, since it's not always 100% accurate.


Staff member
In the next update the value will be selectable down to 30m. I don't want to make it any lower than this as the Geofence functionality in the Play services is less likely to work correctly if the value is too low. 30m I believe is already pushing it...