Free MacroDroid upgrade,, donate to MacroDroid for free and make some easy money

Jacob L

I know there are a lot of people who would be thrilled to have access to the full version of MacroDroid so that they can have more than 5 macros, an ad free experience and access to the cloud backup feature along with some other pro only features. I would like to demonstrate how I paid for MacroDroid (MD) effectively for free. It IS LEGAL as Jamie gets his money via and doesn't really cost the user.

* Google play points, it gives you points when you do the weekly scratchcard or when you spend on the play store. You can convert them into Google Play credit, which can be used for in-app purchases.
To opt in, you will need the latest Google Play Store version. Open the play store and press your profile picture and choose settings (you might need to scroll down to see it): 1613934473768.png Scroll down and tap about then version or update: 1613934582554.png The latest version will install when it is ready,

Go back to the play store's home page and press your profile picture and select play points. It will get you to sign up to the scheme and it is well worth it.

After setup, you can press the points button again:1613935559814.png Scroll down the 'Earn' tab, where you can download apps to get play points. You can get your scratchcard by pressing 'Perks'.

* Another way to get Google play credit is to use Google opinion rewards app: They ask small questions and you get money back, that's it.

* Chase bank offers 1% cashback on most things, Zilch app offers 2% cashback which can also be stacked with Chase bank and lastly Curve offeres varied cashback on select things.

* Get money back from shopping in store or online with Airtime Rewards:, which pays back your phone bill (or debit card in some cases), which offsets the amount you pay for apps.

* Apps exist that give you Google play gift cards for doing things you already do for example walking, shopping and more.
Some apps I use are:
Panel (Rewards by Foursquare):

* There are other apps to get PayPal money, you can link PayPal with Google play store so you do not have to add your card directly.
Apps for free PP money that I use are:


* There are lots of ways to save money which then frees up money for buying MacroDroid pro. For example Honey and Pouch are extensions for Chrome which automatically find discounts for all online purchases. Also, if there are no codes, it pays you a percentage instead:

* Student discounts save you money:
Totum student discount card:
Student beans:

* DO NOT FORGET loyalty schemes at shops, buying products on the reduced and an app called Too Good To Go to save money: and Olio for free stuff:

* Free stuff can be acquired from the following, Magic Freebies; LatestFreeStuff and Save the student.

* Sims with free data, texts and minutes:
If you are with EE and are PAY-AS-YOU GO then text boost to 150 for a free boost,:

I have referral codes for extra free money if you want them but have not given them in code form or in links by default as I do not want to spam.


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at the beginning I wanted to use ifttt then I realised that they put it under subscription and I uninstalled it after a few minutes, and so thanks to google I discovered an even superior alternative.
our beloved macrodroid, there was also tasker but more 'complicated to use.
After installing macrodroid and understood the great potential 'of this wonderful app, I did not think more' than a lot and I bought the pro version for a little more 'than 4 euros without any kind of limitation and subscription remains all life!
I recommend that you do it too, it's absolutely worth it, it's the best money I've ever spent on an app.
If you do you'll agree with me, I'm speaking as a user and I don't gain anything from it apart from the great benefits you can get from using it.
greetings mirrorless