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To take advantage of some of the Floating text features, it's possible to display informations like a permanent pop-up whose content will be automatically refreshed every time the displayed informations change. You even need not create a macro that will fire according to triggers!

As an example in the attached screenshot, you can display live available RAM. To do so, run once such a Floating text action anywhere in any macro. Then you can move it with fingers anywhere on the screen or erase it by dragging it downward to the bin. To be sure it won't disappear due to some system trouble or to display it at its original place after moving it, you can add this Floating text action in a macro running periodically (like every hour).

You could display current time as well (without triggers) using Magic texts [hour]:[minute]:[second]. Just for fun! 😀



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Have you read the forum title? It's called Share your Macro
Then you should post in "share your ideas" 🤣
You could display current time as well (without triggers) using Magic texts [hour]:[minute]:[second].
Even at the time I'm writing this, well first my cat is sleeping on me (which is by far the most important thing :)), and there is still a floating text on my screen displaying date/time (and weather too). It's almost always been here for months.


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Thanks for this post. I use these Floating Text feature. I very like it.
I use it on simple Android TV Box to display message for people that take care of my father.
Is it possible to manage this display when Texte Floating is created to use the totality of this kind of screen? Here it is landscape screen, 1024 x 768


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