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  1. mirrorless m43

    how can you enable tethering hotspot with macrodroid ??

    hello everyone, I have a smartphone xiaomi redmi note 8 and I cannot in any way activate a tethering hotspot connection with my macrodroid pro, I saw that as soon as that action is created, a message appears that there may be problems with all versions of android higher than 7. I am on vacation...
  2. mirrorless m43

    Geofence trigger not work help my thanks

    Hi, I'm still having trouble with the geofence trigger not working When I go to the geofence area, the macrodroid does not generate an action. I am very sad for these problems. I hope macrodroid will fix these bad issues. Look at the diagram here Thanks very much Avchd
  3. mirrorless m43

    to start an audio with a background image by framing a qrcode is it possible to do it?

    Hello everyone I need a very important suggestion who knows if such a thing cannot be done with macrodroid. this is what I would like to create a script through macrodroid capable, when reading a qrcode, of being able to automatically start an audio in aac or mp3 format accompanied by a...
  4. mirrorless m43

    who uses macrodroid under android emulator in windows mini computer?

    who uses macrodroid under android emulator in windows mini computer? hello everyone I followed your valuable suggestions, and installed the android emulator ldplayer on my computer with windows 10 In the settings I noticed that it goes in emulation of a samsung smartphone, but I would like to...
  5. mirrorless m43

    is macrodroid on a windows pc possible?

    is macrodroid on a windows pc possible? I found this with google: but once downloaded the setup my antivirus bit defender has detected a problem that I attach here: The file...
  6. mirrorless m43

    who mistakenly underestimates the potential of macrodroid

    I asked an Italian youtuber for suggestions on home automation applications related to macrodroid, and this was his answer: I understood what macro-drioid is, also I used 6-7 years ago a similar thing for home automation, Tasker. But there is much better now, it doesn't make sense anymore to do...
  7. mirrorless m43

    I propose to create video tutorials or documentation to explain the various features of MD with practical examples.

    I remain of the opinion that our macrodroid can be valued as it deserves. there is too little knowledge of this wonderful app, even from some insiders who gravitate to the world of home automation technology and Android apps. I have noticed that several experts in the sector always recommend...
  8. mirrorless m43

    which sensors to interface with macrodroid and how to set them?

    I would like to understand how to interface macrodroid with external wireless sensors to detect and trigger the following events: detect the presence of liquids such as flooding. detect gas leaks. let me know if you know other sensors that can be interfaced with macrodroid and how to do it...
  9. mirrorless m43

    which wireless sensors to use for home automation projects to use with macrodroid pro?

    hello I would like to be able to dedicate an android smartphone or a small pc with android emulator to be able to use macrodroid pro to control home automation events. I would like to be able to interface a series of wireless sensors capable of checking the presence of liquids on a floor in the...
  10. mirrorless m43

    in your opinion is such an macro feasible for people in need of assistance?

    hello everyone I have in mind to create a macro, in the field of home automation and artificial intelligence, capable of assisting a person in difficulty, here's what I would have thought of giving the person to assist with a device such as a smart watch or similar, able via bluetooth to...
  11. mirrorless m43

    Geofence not work with my xiaom readmi note 8t

    hello everyone, I wanted to ask you if the Geofence event works for you? unfortunately on my xiaomi redmi note 8t smartphone there is no way to make it work. I would not want to do something wrong. I hope you help my about this problems. Thanks a lot mirrorless.
  12. mirrorless m43

    i wish i could create a sophisticated car alarm system with macrodroid pro

    I would like to be able to use macrodroid with an inexpensive android smartphone to create an advanced car alarm capable of operating autonomously with a small solar panel connected to a battery bank and connected in an area of the car that is difficult to reach by an ill-intentioned person. the...
  13. mirrorless m43

    i wont use georefence to use as city guide packages

    if the geofence worked as it should, I would have very interesting things in mind, for example I would like to package a series of macros capable, based on a series of programmed paths and suitably guided by a navigator, to trigger, once arrived in certain places, to transmit automatically a...
  14. mirrorless m43

    Problem about use macro with Geofence, my macro not work :-( i am sad

    hello everyone, I'm trying to solve the problem related to the gefence functionality, which I tried on two different smartphones xiaomi m1 a1 and xiaomi redmi note 8t but there is no way to make it work. so to make you understand better after enabling macrodroid geolocation with 10 second...
  15. mirrorless m43

    create a macro capable of launching an app at set times against rodents read and let me know

    Hi everyone, I have a problem of this type in my house in the country developed on two floors, I discovered that at certain times of the day for example from 21 to 23 for the ground floor and in the morning from 5 to 6 for the under roof very annoying presence of rodents such as country mice and...
  16. mirrorless m43

    I have problem with macrodroid

    Hello everyone I am trying to use Macro Droid PRO on a xiaomi redmi note 8t but there are some things that do not convince me of the program I hope you are able to understand how to solve. If I briefly press the power button, the phone goes into standby mode just to understand when you see the...
  17. mirrorless m43

    easy macro to activate tethering hot spot

    hi guys, I wanted to ask you if there is a simple and automatic method to activate tethering hotspot easily with macrodroid? I ask you this because I would like to use tethering on an android smartphone xiaomi m1 a1 of my elderly parents. in addition to activating and deactivating tethering, I...
  18. mirrorless m43

    Share macro and a real project

    Hello everyone I saw the section on the creation of macros by users on the forum, which is very positive. It would be even better to see applications and blog links made by users. Whether on the Android smartphone or tablet and also on the Android emulator on Windows 10 I do not hide the fact...
  19. mirrorless m43

    what macros and features have you created to support older people?

    hello everyone, I wanted to know what kind of macro have you created to support the elderly? what features? it would be nice to see some tutorials and examples. thanks greetings mirrorless
  20. mirrorless m43

    Can the macros produced by the pro version of macrodroid be used on another mobile phone where only the free version is installed?

    hello everyone I would like to be able to create macros from my xiaomi redmi 8t with the macrodroid pro app and export and share them on my papa's xiaomi m1 a1 with android 9 where the free version is installed instead. will the macros created by the pro version work on the other phone where the...