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    Trigger for Invoking Macro from Drawer or Quick Run

    If it ends up doing nothing at all then that is your fault for not setting it up correctly :p, you should include an "else" in the if clause that checks which trigger fired.. Something like this: if trigger fired - trigger A run - action A if trigger fired - trigger B run - action B else run -...
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    Ability to reference a variable with another variable's value

    I had a similar question some time ago (atleast i think you are wanting the same thing), maybe you can find something helpfull there, forum member dsnz has posted a workaround in that thread:
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    Can a macro be made to act like the old Shush! app?

    I think hes talking about the template store, that's the only place i know about where we can give stars, but i had another look through this thread and Dm144 did not share any macro here, only you did.. Maybe TechValleyJeff is a bit confused, maybe he meant for srcvtec to give your macro a star? 🤔
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    Can a macro be made to act like the old Shush! app?

    Go to the template store in the MD app and search for id=11550 (the id at the end of the url)
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    Can a macro be made to act like the old Shush! app?

    Another thing you could do is to add the stopwatch to the MD drawer, either directly or in a text field, it will be static but it's updated to it's latest value every time the drawer is opened. So you would not have to force it/create the logic for it to update. Edit: actually i think it might...
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    Poblems with "Macro run - user prompt" action

    Ok so i decided to use a "macro run - user prompt" action (with only 1 category selected) in the MD drawer to create folders/category's of some sort, i'm having some issues though.. 1) When using a macro run - user prompt action with a certain category selected, if you change the category's...
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    pinned threads

    I see, we do already have a "common problems" list in the app itself, but i'm not sure howmany people actually know about this, it can be hard to find.. (it's under the top left hamburger menu - troubleshooting - common problems, and it doesn't mention 2 sims) So moving/copying it to the top of...
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    pinned threads

    Well i actually searched for "two sims" but the forum told me it left "two" out, so i decided to do the same in my post.. If they were to search for just "sim" they would get an error that it's to short/common, so they would have to re-think their search term anyway. I get what you are saying...
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    MacroDroid cannot access clipboard

    There should be an action called "Clipboard Refresh" which creates a temporary invisible overlay to make MD the foreground app, so it can acces the content of the clipboard in the background.
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    pinned threads

    Where should they be pinned? I don't think this will work, especially if "many others" (which contradicts with "a few" :p) also need to be pinned at the same time.. Using the search option to search for "sims" only gives me 7 results anyway so this shouldn't be to hard to find, right? I think...
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    Automate/control PC/Laptop from MD

    I actually just found a way to do this the other day there is quite a steep learning curve though, atleast for me.. I still have not figured everything out by a long shot but i have some basic things working, like opening a webpage. Actually that (and opening the calculator, which is an example...
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    Community based voting for feature updates

    I think the same thing :p but i honestly have no idea how it all works and what needs to be done to develop an app/feature, maybe there are some basic/universal but time consuming things that he could outsourced? And else it might help motiviate himself (not that he is not already doing a...
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    Community based voting for feature updates

    I actually had a similar idea some time ago, but i was thinking people could donate money towards a specific feature request to support the developer for his hard work or to possibly hire someone else to do it for him.. This would also ensure that the most popular features would be added...
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    Pixel Color Detector/Pixel Scan

    I'm not sure but maybe "TouchTask" plugin can do what you are looking for? It seems to me like it can but i gave it a (very) quick try myself and i could not get it to work..
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    Flip and Fold Device triggers

    Maybe you can use the intent received or the logcat trigger? Or possibly the screen turning on and off? Or maybe this one bixby routine can do something very specific (that otherwise would (almost) never happen) that you can then use as a trigger in MD?
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    Pushbutton starts macro?

    If you can have it send a notification as a routine then you could use that notification as a trigger for MD.
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    How's your plugin runtime experience?

    I had problems with UItask in combination with the wait untill action aswell, my solution has been to add the variable change as a seperate trigger to the macro and then i just use another if (trigger fired) clause and put the following actions in there. So the wait untill action is no longer...
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    Add bluetooth beacon as a connectivity constraint

    I don't know what forum member/thread you are reffering to but you can also use variables for your/this situation, as in the attached screenshot. (sorry for it being in dutch, it's refusing to change to english 😕 I think you will be able to understand though) If you use global (boolean)...
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    timer trigger not working when macrodroid not in foreground aka clipboard monitor work around

    Have you tried AutoVoice plugin? It works for me but not when i set it to offline mode, maybe because i don't use it with english, i don't know..
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    Uninstall Prevention

    Setting MD as device administrator will make it harder to remove MD. (You will have to withdraw the device administrator permission before MD can be removed)