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    Backup and restore User log

    Dear Macrodroid developer. Thank you so much for great app. I have used User log to save many important data. Now I want to switch to another phone, but I don't want to loose my data in User log. Could you add a feature to backup User log to somewhere and then restore it back to User log...
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    Make If statement is collapsed but Else statement is not collapsed

    Dear Macro dev Thank you for your very useful app. I want to make If statement be collapsed to view Else statement, but now when I collapse If statement, but Else statement is collapsed too. Could you make Else statement be not collapsed when collapse If statement Thanks
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    Improve Replace all of Text manipulation action

    Text to replace only support regex. So if Text to replace contains special characters such as ? /$, it need to be escaped before using. It become complicated for normal user. Could you add support for simple Text to replace (without regex) ?
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    Support MMS sending action

    MMS price is less than SMS price if there is many characters in one message. Could you add support for MMS sending action. Thanks a lot
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    Combine OR and AND conditons in same If/else clause

    I think it is used often in if/else clause. Simple case: if (condition1 AND condition2 OR conditon3) Complicated case: if ((condition 1 OR condition2) AND condition3) Please add this feature to the new released version Thanks
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    Mobile Service Status constraint is not working

    My phone is out of service while I'm inside my home. When I go out, mobile service become be available. But Mobile Service Status constraint is still failed. Phone specs: Android 7.0 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Please help me to check this problem. Thanks