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    A check for 'ADB Hack installed'

    Hi, MD has a check for 'device rooted', but not for 'ADB Hack installed'. I think it would be good to have this for trouble shooting. Thanks for considering this!
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    Detecting presence of ADB Hack in macro

    Hi all, I would like to add functionality in my macro to detect if the ADB Hack is unstalled or not. If ADB is not installed, I would like to show a message or notification when the macro is run. What would be the simplest way to have a macro detect if the ADB Hack is installed or not?
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    MacroDroid disappeared from smartphone

    Hi all, About a year ago, I installed MacroDroid on my fathers smartphone with some macro's for his safety when he goes out bike-riding all alone (he is 84 years old). Recently he told me that MacroDroid has 'disappeared' from his smartphone. And he 'did nothing' ...... Indeed, MacroDroid was...