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    Tasker received File Access permission

    Some thoughts. We are over time loosing access to features in Android and that is in many ways unfortunate, however it is not the end of the world. Even with the Android 11 and eventually Android 12 restrictions, MacroDroid is still entirely viable. I would suggest that most users by far will...
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    Tasker received File Access permission

    Try anyway. I wonder if you could reach out to any of the Android related sites on the Web that may find it worth doing an article on. Regards, John.
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    Tasker received File Access permission

    I just read Joao confirming it here: Link To Source Hopefully MacroDroid may still get it also. Perhaps reapply if that is possible. Regards, John.
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    Wear OS option

    The current Wear OS implementation is working very nicely on my Galaxy Watch 4 and has attracted me to MacroDroid having used Tasker for a decade. There is one option I would be grateful for and that is to allow disabling the highlighting and auto centering of the current item in the list on...