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    Stopwatch Trigger

    Hi, I'm not sure if my macro is correct or not. I have set a trigger of stopwatch 5seconds and have some actions but my trigger doesn't fire. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Recognized some text and graphics

    Can macrodoide recognize or detect some words/graphics in app and web content?
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    How connectivity check works?

    Let's say it run connectivity check and gets the value of true. Then I want it to perform some actions. But if it's false then cancel it or other action. I don't know how can I make a macro like this?
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    Ui interaction isn't working on Lock screen.

    It's weird Ui interaction works everytime but only on unlock screen it stops working.
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    Anything wrong with this macro?

    This doesn't seem to work!
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    How to test action of "if clause actions"

    How to perform actions of if clause, I wanna test it when I tap on test actions it ignores the if clause actions
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    how to perform scroll down?

    I wanna make macro to scroll down the website how can I ?
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    Automatically awake

    Is there a way to add action like turn on mobile itself and also unlock the screen lol.
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    Ui interaction ain't working

    Ui interaction worked but after 3-4 interaction it's not working or it's not working to that specific area. I have used both X, y and in app option both doesn't work As you can see I wanna click on clear button but the Ui interaction doesn't seem to work to that specific area.
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    How Interval works?

    Let's say I set interval to 12h for trigger! Imagine this scenario! At 12:00 The macro started and did some actions and the time it took is 1minute. So, it's 12:01 So, my question is would next interval hit at 24:00 or 24:01 ?
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    Why I have to give permission of UI interaction everytime?

    Okay, I gave the app permission and then after some time the app again request for permission and I see in settings that it's uncheck why? Why my device is revoking the permisson again and again?
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    Interval time Feature Please read!

    There are some actions which takes time for example:- Let's say I have a reward website that gives me reward when I visit it for playing some 2-3 clicks only but due to ads it might take a while. The website provide this for every 12h. Let's say I have set trigger to every 12h interval but it...
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    Launch application isn't working!

    I have set chrome but it opens another browser that is brave why? I have tested it first it opened chrome but I test again it opened brave :(.
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    UI interaction not working on specific area

    I have tried both with in app and x, y location but both seems to not work. I wanna click on red dust bin button but it just not working.
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    Set Interval

    I know there is an option to add interval but in my case I wanna setup like this:- In triggers:- Interval should be every 12h for first time But 2nd time it should 12h+5m, third interval 12+10m and so on
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    Wait until website loads

    How can I add a action to wait until website loads?
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    UI Interaction isn't working properly Help!

    Does UI interaction doesn't works on website ? I have set some actions 1.) Launch Browser 2.) Visit this URL 3.) Wait for 5 seconds 4.) UI interaction to click on a specific area (button). { all these above 3 works but not the 4th one}
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    Wait for 5 seconds

    After Visiting a url, I want macro to wait for 5seconds before doing any actions How can?
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    Need some Help to create this Macro

    I created a marco in which the first step I done is to launch my browser after that I don't know how can I automate this "like automatically type on web url and go to that website then do some 3-4 clicks after it loads and delete the cookies and do the same. Do I need to know coding for doing this?
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    How much this is capable of?

    Hello, I wanna know if this app can do this following actions. Launch a specific app, visit a particular website and do some 4-5 clicks only then delete the cookies of website and repeat the same. Can I do this?