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    Save macros templates as disabled

    Hi, I often browse macros from the store and if I find them useful, I'll save them locally. The thing is, I don't necessarily want to enable the macros. I'm only saving them for reference. For example, there is a macro called "New Triggers" and it is full of Android intents. The macro id=5356...
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    Weird webhook issue...

    Hi all, I have the following Webhook URLs generated in MacroDroid: When I put both of these URLs into Firefox, I get a response text on the page...
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    [Tutorial] How to apply ADB hacks to Xiaomi devices

    If you're trying to use ADB Connect, then yes you need to turn on wireless debugging in A11+. But as I said, if you're trying to set MacroDroid adb permission (which is the point of OP's thread), then this is a one time thing. So doing this over wireless ADB is kinda pointless.
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    [Tutorial] How to apply ADB hacks to Xiaomi devices

    @pr3jker I just re-read your OP and there's actually a lot of unnecessary stuff that can be removed, which will make it less confusing for newbies who aren't familiar with ADB. You don't need to pair your phone and use wireless debugging to do this. All you really need to do on a Xiaomi device...
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    [Tutorial] How to apply ADB hacks to Xiaomi devices

    I just read your previous replies and you're getting confused on 2 different things. First of all, you mentioned that you got an exception error when running this: I own like 5 different Xiaomi devices and I'm familiar with this error. This is purely due to the fact that you haven't enabled...
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    Wifi ADB debug mode lost on restart?

    I've just tested this out of curiosity and I fail to see how this helps. Whenever you restart the phone, you have to manually pair the "ADB Local&Remote ADB Shell" app to your phone. Every time you turn on the wireless debugging setting, the port and pairing code is always different. It's...
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    Filter/exclude Action Block from logs

    I've recently discovered that you can exclude macros from showing up in logs, but this doesn't seem to be possible for Action Blocks. I've got a macro that runs an Action Block, which generates a lot of output in the logs. I've excluded the macro from showing in the logs, but the actions from...
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    Copy 'if' conditions

    +1 on this. Sometimes, I have a lot of conditions configured under IF and the only way I could do a "copy" is to copy the entire IF statement, then remove everything nested in it. Would be a lot nicer if we could just copy the conditions inside.
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    Use System Setting in trigger/condition/constraint?

    You can SET a system setting as an action, but is it possible to READ a system setting and use that in a condition or constraint?
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    Disable/Enable power button instant lock?

    Does anyone know how to set the power button instant lock setting to on/off? I've looked into Settings (system | global | secure) and couldn't find anything useful. I'm referring to setting it like this - "adb shell settings put secure ....." I could set the power button instant lock setting by...
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    IF - Magic text

    Is this still a work in progress? Would really love to use if [device_name] and use the same macro for multiple devices, but have them do separate things depending on the device name
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    'Notification Bar Button' as an If condition

    As per the title, I'd like to set a If condition for when a Notification Bar Button has been pressed. I looked around and couldn't find this setting, nor could I find this online or in the forum... BTW, I'm aware of how Notification Bar Button works. I know that Actions will be processed when...
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    Speak text pitch & speed suddenly not working?

    Nah, TTS didn't update and I don't know why I wrote Open TTS. I just meant Google TTS. I think I found the issue. If I revert Google TTS from the current version (January 14th build) to a previous version, it's fine. I'm not sure why, but I guess MacroDroid isn't able to find the language that...
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    Speak text pitch & speed suddenly not working?

    I have a macro that use Speak Text to announce the weather everyday. Today, the voice pitch & speed is completely off, despite me making no changes in MacroDroid (or Android) for ages. I've tried changing the pitch and speed and doing a test, but the output is the same, it doesn't speak faster...
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    Search Action Block

    I have about 30 Action Blocks and it'll be nice to be able to quickly search not just the title, but the content as well. For example, if I want to find an Action Block that makes use of a Termux Tasker plugin to call a .sh script, I'd like to just search ".sh" and find those Action Blocks...
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    Community based voting for feature updates

    Well, the problem is that not everyone checks the forum regularly, some probably don't even know about the forum. I think Microsoft Launcher's implementation of feature requests and bug tracking works quite well, you should take a look at it from the app itself. Otherwise, the Vote feature on...
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    Community based voting for feature updates

    It would be cool if we can have a tile or menu option in the app to look at the current list of feature requests (which will also help reduce duplicate requests) and just vote on them. I see a lot of companies do this in forums, but since not everyone check the forum, it'll be much easier to...
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    Feature Request - Sort recently modified macros

    I have a lot of macros and it becomes a bit of a mess managing them. It would be nice if we can sort the macros by recently modified, OR perhaps display recently modified macros in the last X days.
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    ADB Hack - Granting extra capabilities via the ADB tool

    Use Termux instead. You can use MacroDroid to call a Termux script and inside that script, just call this adb command: adb shell data disable Google how to set up Termux or check one of the threads here. I think I wrote a guide on setting up Termux and you can just change follow it to set it...
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    BUG - bluetooth constraint blocking trigger from working

    It's not just that particular bluetooth constraint that is not working. It's all bluetooth constraints that are not working, including "Device Connected" or "Device Not Connected". So for example, if I have a trigger for "Device Disconnected" and I only want this trigger to run when the...