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    Selection Dialog Problem/Bug

    I've had a quick play around and I can't seem to recreate this. If you can come up with a reliable way to reproduce please use "Report a bug" in the troubleshooting section and include your macro and the steps to reproduce and I will take a look.
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    Interval 1 minute fails to trigger at 1 minute, but sometimes not....

    I do not believe there is any reason that 5.42 should behave any differently to 5.41 as I've not changed anything related to this (to the best of my knowledge). If you can recreate it in 5.42 please use "Report a bug" in the troubleshooting section and I will take a look at the logs to see if I...
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    [BUG?] smtp email error: no object DCH for MIME type multipart/mixed

    I am using a library to handle all this, so the issue must be coming out of that library. I will take a look and see if there is a newer version or any references to this issue.
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    macro to have phone in vibrate mode while app is running, then restore notifications/dnd when app is closed?

    As written the top loop will continue forever because the condition will always be true. Surely you want an IF statement and you don't want to check both cases like this as one will always be true.
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    Bug with User Authentication Action

    @BuddyHoli Please use report a bug in the troubleshooting section and include the macro that you are having an issue with and I will try it out.
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    Vibrate OFF, Sound OFF and Notifications ON

    Unfortunately the behavior varies depending on device and OS version so there is no universal solution I can advise in this case. I'd recommend experimenting with the Vibrate Enable/Disable action and see if any setting there can get into the state you want.
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    Version 5.42.5 problems

    @LpmitBenjamin I have managed to recreate the issue and it happens only when prompting for a value within a dictionary/array element. I will make sure it's resolved for the next update.
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    Version 5.42.5 problems

    Thanks for flagging the problem. In general it's better to use report a bug in troubleshooting section for clear bugs like these as they will get my immediate attention and I can resolve ASAP this way.
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    Get string from ID

    It will be in the next update
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    Switch on animations temporarily for Animation Overlay action?

    Basically The McDonalds app uses it's own proprietary implementation and doesn't respect the devices settings.
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    I don't see the URL to Pushmessages in any fields...

    Sorry I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Can you clarify with a bit more detail and give examples of exact urls etc. you are using.
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    Get string from ID

    I agree this wll be a useful and convenient feature, but the way it will have to work is by scanning the hierachy of UI views to try and find the view id. This will not always be significantly quicker (ie. if the view is found towards the end of traversing the hierachy) but will be quicker in...
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    Webhooks stopped working

    The server is returning ok so this means that the server is sending a Firebase Cloud Message to your device (or at least what it thinks is your device's firebase cloud id). For whatever reason your device is not receiving this message and it's really impossible for me to tell you why that is. I...
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    [Bug] Incoming Call trigger

    I've just uploaded a patch fix to the Play Store for this issue (and a couple of other very minor ones), hopefully it won't take too long to review and will be up soon.
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    Suggestions about macro editor...

    I have a possible solution that I am prototyping and I think it will work well, all will be revealed in v5.43 ....
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    Suggestions about macro editor...

    It's not practical to keep it enabled all the time because it takes up too much space on devices that don't have a lot of room to play with. It might be fine on a S23 ultra set at high density and small fonts, but the person with everything enlarged on a Moto G5 does not have this space to spare.
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    Suggestions about macro editor...

    In general I agree it's a pain to have to scroll to the top to activate the scroll mode, so I'm going to try and have a think of a nice way to solve this.
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    Suggestions about macro editor...

    This is certainly true and I will correct soon.
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    I don't seem to have any bug report from you for this issue. Could you please send one. It may seem pointless but it sends me an id I can lookup in my crash logs and other diagnostics that might be useful. I have also never seen this problem, but I note that you are on a fairly low end device...
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    🐛Bug: Disable Trigger doesn't work after templating it.

    Actually I just checked this and I fixed this a couple of months ago. I done a quick test and a macro that is uploaded to template store with delete [THIS_MACRO] does work correctly when downloaded from the store.