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    [Tutorial] How to apply ADB hacks to Xiaomi devices

    Hi every1 This is a tutorial for granting ADB hacks in Xiaomi devices (I used Mi 11i). We'll use Wireless ADB, not USB, but note it only works on Android 11+ (you can use classic USB Debuggng if your device is not on Android 11) Note : all commands in this tutorial are "quoted", but you must...
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    Check an app is running

    I have a Network Monitor app which occasionally gets closed (still trying to know why). Meanwhile, I think I could use a macro just to check it's running and relaunch it if not. I just need some help with the code. Please.
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    Notification bar gone

    Hi Since 5.13, Macrodroid notification bar is no more. I tried everything, but no luck. The bar shows at home screen only if and when restarting android, but disappears afterward. Not this problem on 5.12.
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    How to detect Messenger phone or video call?

    Hi I have a macro which starts lightning the torch and playing a sound based on Messenger notifications. But is it possible to do the same with a Messenger phone call trigger?