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  1. Jacob L

    Replace notification

    You can tick the option to overwrite existing notification in the notification action or use the clear notification action. You can configure it to clear only notifications with certain text in it as well
  2. Jacob L

    Macro did not start

    You have many choices. The first thing to do is follow steps to prevent the OS from killing MacroDroid and allow startup. Then you can add either the device booted trigger or the MacroDroid initialised trigger.
  3. Jacob L

    Activate OTG-Connection switch in Android 10

    Does anything appear in the system setting action? For faster viewing you can install an app called SetEdit
  4. Jacob L

    Некорректная работа

    Is there any info for you in the troubleshooting section? Maybe you could provide us some logs to helps as well
  5. Jacob L

    How can i find the position of a character in a string in macrodroid?

    Using Regex you can extract a character at a time and use an if statement to increment another variable, until you find the character.
  6. Jacob L

    Ignore this post its for my http server

    You should be using HTTPS not HTTP. S stands for secure.
  7. Jacob L

    Share macro and a real project

    It depends on what you want to achieve. MacroDroid has lots of stuff built in including the capacity to use plugins. Plugins are the where You'll find home automation tools. Macros can be shared across any platform that can send attachments so WhatsApp and email are covered. There's a share...
  8. Jacob L

    I bought some cat8 cable and my internet is way faster!

    I bought some cat8 cable and my internet is way faster!
  9. Jacob L

    Share picture via text message

    For Gmail, open MacroDroid and head to its settings > email options> Gmail account and select yours. You may need to turn off two factor authentication/2FA and, if it still exists as an option, allow less secure apps (these are in your Google account). If this fails then try the SMTP option and...
  10. Jacob L

    Share picture via text message

    MMS costs money and email is free so that's a bonus!
  11. Jacob L

    Copy third-party notification action to trigger autonomously

    It is easy to bypass 3rd party lock screens, all you need to do is boot in safe mode. Stay safe
  12. Jacob L

    Help with text reader I'm visually impaired

    You can use the UI interaction action to swipe/gesture. You'll need to know the coordinates. For the corroborates, You'll need to open developer options. To do this go to Settings then about device then tap build number 7 times. It may need more than 7 times if you are using Talkback, just keep...
  13. Jacob L

    Xiaomi Support Thread

    MacroDroid works the very best on rooted devices so you'll need one with an unlocked bootloader and that can be rooted, also it has a variety of custom ROMs available. However, custom skins like MIUI are known for being problematic with MacroDroid
  14. Jacob L

    Cómo actualizar mi sistema o android tengo un zte 2050

    See if this helps, I don't know for certain.
  15. Jacob L

    macrodroid requires permission, macro not highlighted

    Troubleshooting section not say anything?
  16. Jacob L

    Cómo actualizar mi sistema o android tengo un zte 2050

    There appears to be no pending update for this device. The only way to update it would be to install a custom ROM or use a General System Image (GSI) if it is compatible
  17. Jacob L

    How to change DPI?

    With the shell script action:
  18. Jacob L

    Uitask plugin new line symbol alternative?
  19. Jacob L

    Uitask plugin new line symbol alternative?

    <br> in HTML, give it a try
  20. Jacob L

    Is it possible to create a macro when swipe down on lock screen block or disable quick settings?

    It is however, possible to detect that the torch was turned on by using MD's Logcat trigger. Then you can turn torch off