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  1. Qarboz

    Character limitation in the information section of a macro

    One idea might be to insert some empty triggers/actions and use them for comments
  2. Qarboz

    Happy Birthday Jamie

    🎂🎂🎂🎂 🥳🥳🥳🥳
  3. Qarboz

    Rate this forum

    I really like this forum, because it is frequented by competent and kind people who are committed to help for free those who have difficulties using MacroDroid or even just for an exchange of opinions; also the dev actively participates, which is very rare in other forums! For my part when I can...
  4. Qarboz

    Android 14 breaks MacroDroid's kill background apps action

    There are some apps that remain active when quitted for no legitimate reason; besides consuming resources (RAM and CPU) and battery, they might also snoop a bit too much, IMHO
  5. Qarboz

    S23 + Cell Tower Triggers

    Testing the trigger does not mean "testing the correct operation of the trigger," but simulating the event to test the actions of the macro
  6. Qarboz

    get trigger which triggeres a macro

    Yes. Use IF->Trigger Fired clause
  7. Qarboz

    Homescreen Shortcuts Not Working

    To do what you ask, you need to create another macro which, through the widget, enables and disables the "GP Noti Forever" macro
  8. Qarboz

    Comparing Action Blocks to Macros

    My opinion is that action blocks are handy if you have to repeat the same actions multiple times (with or without different data) within the same macro or in different macros. E.g. you can create a vibration pattern in an action block and call it from various macros instead of rewriting the same...
  9. Qarboz

    I can't see UI interaction, please help

    Maybe the UI interaction action requires touchscreen hardware (not only keyboard and mouse)?
  10. Qarboz

    Display time of the forum

    In your account preferences you can choose the time zone to show the date and time for your area
  11. Qarboz

    Toggle location overlay

    That action simulates a gesture on the device display, negative numbers and decimals it's no sense, because the screen has coordinates that start from 0,0 and are integers
  12. Qarboz

    The shake and flip trigger doesn't work while the screen is off.

  13. Qarboz

    Alarm icon on status bar set by an app "Macrodroid" won't go away

    Try activating an alarm and then deactivating it
  14. Qarboz

    If Confirmed Then action

    What you want to achieve is not possible with "IF Confirmed", because this action, as it stands now, does not have a timeout. Right now I'm running out of ideas on how to do it, if it's possible
  15. Qarboz

    If Confirmed Then action

    What exactly do you want to achieve?
  16. Qarboz

    Battery impact of geofencing constraint?

    Remember that geolocation services are not reliable indoors.
  17. Qarboz

    MacroDroid Helper APK

    In developer options, try to revoking USB debug permissions
  18. Qarboz

    Was the Save Current States Feature ever Implemented?

    You can set one (or more) variable with the current volume level. When you need to restore the level, use the volume adjustment action using the variable(s) as a value
  19. Qarboz

    Volume not working.

    In some phones the multimedia volume adjustment has more steps than in the others