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    Specific calendar event not firing

    Make sure you know what the calendar title and entry are, for example by displaying them like in the screenshot below (or saving into local variables which you can inspect subsequently): That may help in correctly setting up the trigger criteria. For example, in your example you're looking for...
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    Regex * & ? is a good resource for learning, building and testing regular expressions. Although there are slightly different variants of regular expressions, they tend to differ only in obscure, uncommon areas; in my experience anything that worked on the regex101 site works find in MacroDroid.
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    Trigger for "night mode" macro after xx minutes

    To use a tile, make sure to: Configure the tile via the Quick Settings Tiles button on the main menu screen of MacroDroid (including enabling it, and choosing whether you want it to act like a button (which will run the macro whenever the tile is tapped) or a toggle (which turns the tile...
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    Trigger for "night mode" macro after xx minutes

    Also: if all you want is to wait for a while after activating your macro, before it starts doing its night mode actions (activating Airplane Mode, turning off music, and so on), you could just add a Wait Before Next Action action as the first action of your macro. It's not as flexible as a...
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    How to make my macro to execute only if there are certain words present? I tried "|" (or operator), but it doesn't work.

    Remove the asterisks Check he "Enable regular expression matching" checkbox
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    Trigger Based on Geofence Status, NOT Enter/Leave

    How about: Use Set Macrodroid Mode action to set the mode to e.g. "Home" or "Away" as you enter / leave the geofence. Set a trigger for Data Connectivity Change becoming "Available", with a constraint of being Home: Turn data back off, however you normally do it (Mobile Data action, or turning...
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    Doesn't happen on my phone (TCL running Android 11), when I change volume via a MacroDroid macro. I change both ringer and media volumes in different macros... Are you sure the macro doesn't include any vibration actions? (had to ask) If not, you could try: Disabling vibration before executing...
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    Auto-checking if Macro Run on Consecutive Calendar Days

    No; I'missed that (though I'd looked). Good catch. So, use that instead of the shell script, probably, as it's simpler. You'll need to either truncate it to three characters or change the regular expression to use the full day names (Saturday vs. Sat) to switch from shell script to magic-text...
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    Auto-checking if Macro Run on Consecutive Calendar Days

    Ah; it's the day of the week being one after the prior day of the week, regardless of hours, yes? Then probably a local variable scheme may work best: where the shell script puts its output into the "current_day_of_week" variable, and the IF statement tests the concatenated value of...
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    Auto-checking if Macro Run on Consecutive Calendar Days

    Local variables would work. But it seems like using the "Invoked" scheme would be the simplest. You can use that in an IF statement within a macro, not just as a constraint: Would that work?
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    Simple macro to check if variable exists within array?

    One option would be to set up an Action Block that your macro could call, in a single statement, to see if a value is present in an array: You'd call it from your macro with the Action Block action, which allows you to specify parameters to send (in this case, the existing array and the value...
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    Puzzled about SMS triggers

    Ah, makes sense. I have a MD macro for calls using a contact-only trigger, for that same reason. For SMS, I rely on the Messages app Spam Blocking feature, plus a MD macro based on notifications that looks for spam patterns (which of course evolve over time, requiring a bit of ongoing...
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    Discovering an app intent

    You can try Shortcut Maker. It surfaces intents, at least some of them, of installed apps as well as some Android components. It shows the parameters you'd need to set up in MacroDroid, for each intent. I'm not sure whether it shows all intents.
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    Puzzled about SMS triggers

    Yes, see e.g. this post ... Google's "RCS" protocol (activated when "chat features" are enabled in the Google Messages app) prevents MacroDroid SMS triggers from seeing text messages sent within that scheme. To your question of wifi vs. cell-phone network, RCS does seem to emphasize data paths...
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    Only when trigger fired twice in a specific time?

    @Jacob L 's suggestion is much more straightforward: but the MacroDroid Constraint scheme may work exactly as is for this. It seems that MacroDroid will never run that macro, since it doesn't consider the macro "invoked" unless the trigger is fired and its constraint(s) are met. Same is true...